Unhappy with airport and airplane comfort and air quality

I love to travel.

I save up my money and vacation time from work and look forward to exploring new places.

I’ve visited Iceland, Denmark, France, Germany, Aruba, Norway and all sorts of amazing landscapes. I’ve taken ski vacations, hiking trips, camping trips, beach vacations and enjoyed the amenities of all-inclusive resorts. The only part of the travel experience that I don’t enjoy is actually getting to and from the locations. I am not happy about the long drive to the airport, sitting in terminals for hours at a time and riding on planes. The temperature and air quality are always a problem. I’ve found that airport terminals tend to be extremely overheated. There are vents pouring out hot air all over the place. I can’t imagine how much it costs or how much energy is used to maintain such hot and stuffy conditions. There is definitely insufficient ventilation. The air is overly dry and smells unpleasant. With so many people sharing the same breathing air, I’m sure the conditions are terribly unhealthy. I typically begin to sweat the moment I step inside the terminal. I remove my jackets, sweaters and every possible layer and stuff them into my suitcase. Once the suitcase is checked, I have no access to it until I arrive at my destination. I’ve learned to carry a sweatshirt with me. As soon as I sit down on the plane, I’ll need it. I have no idea how air conditioning is handled on an airplane, but there is a never ending stream of cold air coming in. Adjusting the tiny nozzle above my head rarely makes any difference. I zip up my sweatshirt and shiver for the entire trip.
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