Handling addition with a ductless split system

When my husband and I first got married, we lived on a very tight budget. Because we were unwilling to throw money away on rent, we scraped together enough for a down payment and took out a loan in order to purchase our own home. We managed to buy a sizable plot of land because the actual house was extremely small and rundown. Although the residence required lots of repairs, the size of the house made the updates easy and reasonable. Living in such a tiny house simplified repairs, maintenance and improvements. I could clean every square inch in a couple of hours. Despite the weather extremes in our local area, the cost of heating and cooling was negligible. After living in the house for seven years, we added three kids, two dogs and a cat to our family. The living accommodations suddenly felt very cramped. We needed an addition. Designing and constructing the added space wasn’t a problem. Our biggest debate was how to handle heating and cooling requirements. We considered expanding the duct system but worried that the air conditioner and furnace wouldn’t be able to handle the additional square footage. We looked into a variety of options and decided on a ductless multi-split system. We have a single outdoor air compressor that links to six individual indoor air handlers mounted up high on the wall. Each air handler includes a thermostat that allows for customized temperature setting and zone control. The ductless system is wonderfully compact, streamlined and quiet. Featuring inverter technology, operation is especially energy efficient.

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