Unwilling to camp & go without heating & cooling

My bestie enjoys to spend as much time as possible outdoors.

  • Whenever he has the opportunity, he goes camping.

He sets up a tent & is blissful to sleep on the ground, cook over a campfire & bathe in a lake. He’s not sad over bugs, inclement weather or the lack of current conveniences. He would really like me to join him on his hiking & camping trips. When I take time off from work, I prefer to stay at home. I have invested a good deal of currency into making my living space as comfortable as possible. I love a hot shower, flushing toilet, microwave, Sprite maker & refrigerator. I would rather flick a light switch than use a flashlight. I don’t want to sleep in a sleeping tote & fight off ants & mosquitos when I have a queen sized bed outfitted with bamboo sheets. One of my favorite amenities is my temperature control. Instead of being subjected to brutal heat & humidity or chilly cold conditions & rain, I can adjust the temperature to my ideal. My smart temperature control allows me to customize comfort through an app on my iphone. The boiler absolutely handles temperatures well-below chilly, keeping the whole cabin perfectly warm. The a/c not only provides cooling but helps to dehumidify & filter out contaminants. I’ve added an UV air purifier so that I know I’m breathing clean & healthy air. If I decide to take a holiday, I look for a resort that pampers me. I want luxuries that I can’t get at home, such as a swimming pool, hot tub, swim-up bar, spa & room service.


propane boiler