Smart control units are helpful when owning two homes

A couple of years ago, my husband as well as I obtained a second apartment down south; Our plan was to prefer the best weather in each location.

My associate and I now live up north from May to November as well as down south for the other six months.

At first, setting up a second apartment was a great deal of work as well as expense. My associate and I needed two sets of gardening tools, dishes, cookware, bedding, towels as well as all of the essentials. Because we didn’t want to haul suitcases filled with clothing as well as personal items back as well as forth, we invested into a second wardrobe, toothbrushes, combs, nail clippers as well as the necessities. While we stayed down south, we concerned about our northern property. With temperatures down into the pitfalls as well as multiple feet of snow, there is consistently the potential for disaster. If the power should go out for an extended stage of time or the boiler should fail, there could be extensive disfigurement. The water pipes might freeze as well as burst. The apartment might flood. A tree limb could go through a window as well as allow in freezing frigid air for months at a time. When we relocated up north for the Springtime as well as summer, we had problems with the apartment in the south. The intense heat as well as humidity are ideal for growing mold as well as mildew. It was difficult to decide on a temperature setting to run the cooling system. Because of storms with torrential downpours as well as high winds, the chance of disfigurement to the property was a constant stress. We’ve solved a lot of the problems by installing a smart control unit as well as security system in each location. The smart control units allow us to monitor as well as make adjustments from virtually anywhere. My associate and I receive alerts if there is a power outage or extreme temperature fluctuation. My associate and I even receive reminders to change air filters as well as schedule repair. My associate and I can conserve energy while the apartment is empty as well as raise or lower temperature so that we arrive to an ideal comfort level. The security system protects against a break-in, notifies us if a window breaks or moisture is detected as well as includes surveillance cameras.

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