Installing a ductless mini split in my living room

I recently invested into a ductless mini split system for my living room, but for many years, I was unhappy with the level of comfort in the living room.

Because of several remodeling projects as well as swings to the layout of the home, this area ended up with an insufficient number of supply as well as return vents.

The area was consistently frigid in the winter as well as boiling in the summer. Since it’s the room where my family spends the most amount of time, this was a pressing problem. I tried electric space heaters, a window cooling system as well as box fans. These chances failed to deliver sufficient relief from the weather, took up a great deal of space as well as detracted from the decor. I wanted something compact, unobtrusive as well as permanently installed. I researched as well as discovered ductless heat pumps. This type of system installs in a single afternoon without causing any mess or disfigurement. It consists of an outdoor compressor as well as indoor air handler that are linked by way of a slim conduit. Set up requires little more than a three-inch hole in an exterior wall as well as access to electricity. The outdoor compressor is not overly pressing as well as operates so quietly that I can’t tell if it’s running or not. The indoor air handler is lightweight, streamlined as well as mounted up high on the wall. It features an independent control unit as well as allows adjustment of temperature, fan speed as well as even the direction of airflow. Inverter technology automatically adjusts the output of the ductless unit to match the demands of the room. It provides precisely the amount of heating or cooling required to maintain ideal indoor temperature. The system is wonderfully energy efficient, powerful as well as quiet. I am totally gleeful with it.


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