This gym is pretty nasty

I’m no building inspection expert or anything like that, and I definitely can’t claim to be some kind of human health authority…

But I am a firm believer that humans probably shouldn’t be breathing in mold and mildew if they don’t need to be. In my opinion, your indoor air should probably be relatively free of unwanted plant growth and airborne spores. That’s why I’m not particularly happy with the gym that my friend made me join last month. We had both made a pact to get into better shape together this year, and it’s a goal that I truly want to meet. However, I feel like I’m probably better off exercising outdoors, or at least finding a better gym to attend than the one we signed up for. When we first got to that gym, it seemed okay. The membership was very reasonable and they seem to have the equipment that we needed. However, as the outdoor air became warmer and more muggy with the summer season, I noticed that there was a ton of mold and mildew growth all around the gym. At first, it was just creeping in from the corners of the shower in the bathroom. Then, I noticed mildew spotting every surface in the bathroom. It was clear what the problem was, there was no dehumidification system in the bathroom. Even with the air conditioning system running, there was too much steam and humidity trapped in that hot little space. Once the mold and mildew took over the bathroom, however, it started spreading into the rest of the gym. Now, you can see dark growths on every wall. The air conditioning system clearly isn’t making the cut, but I haven’t heard of any plans for a professional to install a dehumidifier, either. I’d rather just exercise outside where it is equally humid.
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