Realized I could have a heat pump in a dual fuel system

I don’t need to do that myself though.

When I first found out about heat pumps I got super excited. Both heating and air conditioner in a single system. It is ductless so that means I can have zone control and no air duct cleaning needs. No fuel I deliver for the heating effect. It is cheaper, cleaner, and the system isn’t dependent on fuel. The device takes up less space, is beautiful, and super modern. There also is truly little repair needed with it. However, I did find one con. A heat pump system cannot supply heating if you experience temperatures below 40 degrees. Since I live in a chilly section I was devastated. I started wondering if there was a way to have the heat pump for AC and maybe something else for heating. I then came across dual fuel systems or hybrid heating. This combines a gas furnace and a heat pump. For most of the year I get the amazing energy efficiency of a heat pump unit. The heat pump does all the AC and most of the heating. When the weather just gets too cold, the fuel changes. It switches from electric to gas and tags the furnace in. I don’t need to do that myself though. The system automatically senses the chilly and does it for me. I only need to use the less efficient heating option for a month, sometimes two. For the most part I am getting amazing energy savings with my little system. For colder areas a dual fuel or hybrid furnace is the way to go when saving.

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