I want to use a boiler as a snowmelt system

I will admit it, I dislike shoveling snow.

It is super discouraging to me.

In the winter my driveway increases my time to leave for work by about 15 minutes. I have to shovel a path to my car. Then I have to brush off my car. I need to chip the ice off the windshield, preheat my car, and then change my clothing. It is a mess. I invested in a snowblower and it didn’t make anything easier. I hated operating that snowblower; Most of the time my spouse got stuck doing it. So I started researching on how to stop the snow from accumulating. There are these things called snowmelt systems. You have piping installed under your driveway that delivers sizzling water to heat the snow on top of it. The sizzling water melts the snow and anything that touches it. That means that my car would be heated and the snow and ice would melt. How do you get a snowmelt system? You need to have an existing boiler in your home to hook the piping up to it. I don’t own a boiler system sadly. I have since started researching and realized this is a mistake on my part. A boiler is a beast of a furnace. It lasts forever and has various capabilities. It can be more than a snowmelt system. It can be a floor heater, hook to baseboards, radiators, or be the family water heater. There are even people who use boilers to heat their swimming pools. When my current boiler dies I am buying a boiler system.

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