Getting rid of AC unit this winter

Every year I haul my old air conditioner out of the window where it resides, clean it out thoroughly, replace the air filter, and manage to drag it out to the shed for winter storage.

Every spring I go retrieve the old AC unit, struggle to bring it up the hill and into the house, and spend hours fiddling with it as I attempt to reinstall it in the window.

The whole process is exhausting and wastes days of my life. To make matters worse, the air conditioner in question is well over 15 years old, and it barely works anyways. I spend the whole summer keeping an eye and ear on the rickety old cooling unit, and often have to go fool around with it to make the thing work properly. I swear to you, it quits working more days that not, and I have to give the old cooling equipment a few good bangs before it will kick back into gear. The air conditioner is not energy efficient, especially compared to today’s standards, and it makes one hell of a racket when it’s working. To make matters even worse, the air conditioning unit leaks a few times a month, spraying dark liquid all over my floor and making a new mess for me to clean up. I know that the AC unit isn’t worth hanging on to anymore, but I have a hard time throwing things away. I’ve made up my mind, though, I’m getting rid of the air conditioner this year and buying a brand new central cooling unit once and for all.

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