Furnace was leaking carbon monoxide

For a long time I was feeling sort of under the weather and I had no idea why.

I had a headache, felt sluggish and had no energy.

What was the deal? I then started tracking when I felt bada. I noticed anytime I was in my apartment I had my symptoms. I then started fooling around and tried to come up with the reason. Someone wrote it could be terrible indoor air quality. So I called my Terrel, TX furnace repair supplier to do some ductwork cleaning. The guy cleaned the ductworks and then asked to check my heater. He looked inside and found that I had a cracked heat exchanger. This part releases carbon monoxide when detriment. It is an aromaless, poisonous, and tasteless gas that can lead to hospitalization if it isn’t caught in time. I didn’t even have a typical detector for it. Thank the lord I called that Terrell furnace repairman. The guy right away got to work and tried to find a low cost part to repair the heater. Sadly a heat exchanger almost costs as much as an entire heater. So I had to do a furnace updatement instead of just a Texas furnace repair. I wasn’t glad about it but I am glad that I am no longer killing myself with the gas! My new furnace works well and I feel so much better. I now own a carbon monoxide detector and I invest in respected CO2 testing and furnace service. I don’t want to get caught unaware again, however you can’t put a price tag on your health and wellbeing.



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