Can I call for furnace repair on a hybrid system?

Years ago I called my local, Terrell heating repair supplier about a possible hybrid heater. This combines a gas furnace and a heat pump. In Texas the freezing season is brief and not too intense. A heat pump system works totally great for the heating function most of the time. When it gets below forty degrees, then the gas furnace is tagged in, but for Terrel living, that means I only use my gas furnace on the freezing winter time evenings. Most of the time the heat pump works for heating and it is constantly used for AC. I love having energy efficient settings. Well the other morning I noticed that when my furnace was tagged in to supply heating, nothing happened. My heat pump ended up working double time on emergency heat. My energy costs started to skyrocket. What was wrong with the heating function? I had a moment of panic because I didn’t know who to call… Hybrid heaters are specialty items. Not every supplier sells them, can I call for a normal Terrel furnace repair when the heat pump is paired with the hybrid system? Do all Terrel, TX heating corporations do repairs on dual fuel systems like mine? I asked around and found that not most people are skilled in the dual fuel section. I finally found a furnace repair supplier in Terrell that could handle both the gas furnace and heat pump. They made the necessary repairs in no time flat. They also took care of my heat pump so I was great for almost a whole year.


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