Learning life lessons about changing my Heating and A/C system air filter

There have been a lot of lessons in my life.

I have learned a lot of things in my life.

I feel all people do! My buddy and I all learn odd lessons and that is the deranged thing about life. My buddy and I all go through odd things and my buddy and I all interpret the way things happen in a odd way! One life lesson I had recently was to make sure that you stay on top of your Heating and A/C system. My Dad had told me this before. She had told me that I need to take care of it. Get Heating and A/C system tune ups. She told me I need to change the air filters, and however I had heard from people that they don’t do that often. I pretty much listened to those people over my mother. I should have listened to me mother a lot more. My Heating and A/C system broke down on me recently. Of course I am so young I did not know what to do. I just called the Heating and A/C supplier near to me. They came to look at the system. Sure enough, all I needed was an air filter change. I could have avoided this whole breakdown with an air filter change. That is something I could have done myself too. It would have cost me a lot less money that is for sure. I suppose I will start listening to my mom. In one month, I shall be sure to give my Heating and A/C system a nice air filter change. I at least owe my Heating and A/C system that much. I will never let that happen again.

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