Hoping to benefit from a geothermal heat pump

I have been looking for a company that does geothermal heat pump installation and service.

I love the idea of being more green with my HVAC. I not only want to save the Earth by reducing my carbon footprint, but I also want to save money. How the geothermal heat pump operates is just so smart. There is an outdoor unit that is buried under the ground that handles the heat energy. For heating in the winter, the heat energy underground is pumped into your home through a loop system. This heat is clean, readily available, and doesn’t require fossil fuels to be burned. For air conditioning in the summer, the heat inside is pumped outdoors and goes through coolant. It is that simple. The energy savings with a geothermal heat pump system quickly pay back its impressive initial price tag. I love the idea that every month I am trimming more energy costs. I have found a few companies that offer geothermal heat pumps, but I need a place that additionally will service them. I don’t want to dig up my yard anytime a repair needs to happen. I also want to do once-a-year service on the indoor unit to ensure I still get the best of what I paid for. Having a geothermal heat pump is only one-half of the equation. Having a fully functional, operational system year-round is another thing entirely. Not every place has the skills, tools, and knowledge to handle geothermal heat pump service. It is a pretty tight market in my local area.

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