Student/Consumer Complaint Resolution

The United States Sports Academy (the “Academy”) takes very seriously complaints and concerns regarding the institution. The Academy will provide you with a written explanation of the campus process for addressing your particular complaint(s) and answer any questions you may have to assure you a fair process.

  • Our online complaint resolution system, for issues other than grade appeals, can be found here.
  • Policies and procedures for filing grade appeals can be found in your catalog.
  • Complaint Resolution Policy for Students Receiving VA Education Benefits: any complaint against the school should be routed through the VA GI Bill Feedback System by going to the following link:  .  The VA will then follow up through the appropriate channels to investigate the complaint and resolve it satisfactorily.
  • Violations of state laws or rules related to approval to operate or licensure of postsecondary institutions will be referred to the Alabama Community College System and shall be reviewed and handled by that Division by filing a complaint form ;
  • Complaints relating to the institution’s compliance with academic program quality and accrediting standards shall be referred to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), at . SACSCOC is the accrediting body for the Academy. The primary purpose of the SACSCOC complaint procedure is to acquire valuable information regarding an accredited institution’s possible non-compliance with accreditation standards, policies and procedures rather than to resolve individual dispute.

国产偷拍视频If you believe your complaint continues to warrant further consideration after exhausting the review of either SACSCOC or the investigative team representing the Academy, you may submit a complaint to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education.

Nothing in this disclosure limits any right that you may have to seek civil or criminal action to resolve your complaints.

The Academy has provided this disclosure to you in compliance with the requirements of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, as regulated in CFR 34, Sections 600.9 (b) (3) and 668.43(b). If anything in this disclosure is out of date, please notify the Department of Student Services, 1 Academy Drive, Daphne, AL 36526, 251.626.3303,