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  • Not only does the Academy feature a low and reasonable tuition rate, the Academy also pays for your books and examination proctoring fees. This represents a savings of more than $2,000 over the course of your bachelor’s program, with similar savings for the master’s and doctoral programs.
  • Unlike most schools that have fees for virtually every service imaginable, the Academy has only one fee for each course – what you see is what you get. Financial Aid is also available for eligible students.
  • No additional housing costs! Because the Academy’s programs are online, you can study from wherever you live with no campus housing expense.
  • Earn while you learn! The Academy’s online flexibility allows you to keep your current job while you pursue your degree.

About this estimation calculator

Use this tuition net cost estimation calculator to estimate your total year cost of attending United States Sports Academy. Based on your answers to these questions this calculator will help you estimate your total cost of attending for a year.

This estimate takes into account your financial and living situation and uses the most recent EFC formulas and United States Sports Academy associated rewards. The total tuition(plus room & board, fees, books, and miscellaneous expenses) is then reduced by the amount of your expected financial aid rewards.

As you answer these questions, questions that are no longer relevant to you based on previous answers may be removed or added. Information entered into this form is not saved permanently in any way.

国产偷拍视频This calculator uses these and included tables.

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国产偷拍视频Please answer the following questions. Your answers will be used to estimate the total yearly cost of attendance at United States Sports Academy. This will only be an estimate. To find out how much Federal Student aid you may qualify for visit .

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